Bridal Gown Fantasy

I am a hetero closet cross dresser and I like dressing in everything from short plaid skirts, to hosiery, to velvet dresses, to prom dresses, to heels. I had yet to have the honor to wear a bridal gown until recently. I had always wanted to wear one. I wasn't sure what size bridal gown would fit me, but had a general idea. I found a few very elegant bridal gowns online. One was a size fourteen Victorian style with long lace sleeves and lace gloves. It included a full train and waist length veil. Another one was a size sixteen Victorian bridal gown that was similar in style, but had a built in corset and a longer train. I got them in the mail and slipped on a pair of white floral pantyhose and a padded lace white bra. I slipped into the size fourteen and finally got the zipper in the back pulled up. The dress fit very snugly and the feeling was so erotic and overwhelming, as I thought it would be. I put on the veil over my long brunette wig that hung down to my waist. The train was as thick as it was a long; about nine or so feet trailing behind me. I wore the dress all day and the next day, I wore the size sixteen one. I got it on and as I pulled the laces of the corset, the dress became very tight around my waist. I loved the feeling of the dress and how it fit, so I pulled the laces tighter and my waist became smaller than I thought possible. It was a bit hard to breath, but I wore the dress all that day and night and even fell asleep in it. When my girlfriend found me the next morning in it, she thought I looked so cute that she took pictures of me.

— Nicolas, 22

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