Voyeured By An Older Woman

This happened a long time ago but is still a "go to" memory for me. I was in college and living in a small apartment building. Behind our building was a salvage yard with a small office building. You could look onto it from our bathroom window. One morning, while I was brushing my teeth, I saw a woman standing outside the office building smoking a cigarette. It was obvious that she was watching me and I tried not to let her know that I had noticed her and continued on with my routine. I ran the shower water and got undressed. Peeking at the mirror, I saw that she was still watching and even more intensely. By this time I was quite aroused from being watched. Our shower had a glass surround and I made sure it was well lit so she'd have a good view. I soaped up slowly, made sure to turn so that she could see all of my young strong body. I went as far as playing with myself and actually finished as she watched. I got out of the shower and toweled myself, making sure not to turn her way. I noticed her still there in the reflection of the mirror. She saw the whole show. For the balance of the semester, I looked for her hoping to repeat the incredible experience. But, it never happened again.

— James, 43

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