Room Decorations

Since reading the first part of my adventures with my Mother-in-Law called "Gardening With My Mother-in-Law" things have really changed! Before I start, just a little more about my Mother-in-Law. Like I said before, she is a classy and very sexy sixty-three year old with 34D breasts. She is also head of the HR department at her employer. This is what made this addition to my first entry so unbelievable. On a weekly gas trip, she asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I said, "Just give me money, but what I really want is to see you topless." I got told to just get over it. Well, a few Saturdays ago, she called and said she had something to decorate my room and she wanted to see if it fit. I told her to come on over. When she arrived, she had a sack in her hand and we went to my room. When we got there, she dropped the bag and with her back to me, all of a sudden pulled her shirt over her head. What happened next was the start of many surprises to come. She dropped her shorts and told me to kiss her. I quickly obeyed. I couldn't help myself; I slipped my hand between her legs and lightly rubbed her. She let out a quiet moan and pulled away. I though I'd gone too far, but she stretched out on the bed and told me to lose my pants because she felt uncomfortable being the only one naked. Unbelievable number two, she said she wanted to play with my package. She then asked if we could just lie there together for a while. What came next was the best surprise of all. She started slowly playing with me again, and all of a sudden swung a leg over me. Slowly, she began to make love to me. I couldn't believe it! I was having sex with my Mother-in-Law. After she completed, she lay on her back and told me to do her. Afterwards, we laid there another fifteen or so minutes, then had a deep tongue kiss and she helped me fix my room back. As she got ready to leave, I told her I really liked her decorations for my room. She giggled like a teenager, kissed me again, and went home.

— Don, 41

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