Hot Night

My wife and I discussed about swapping partners, which is big turn on for both of us. We submitted our profile online at an adult website. After submitting it, we got a response from a local married couple and we arranged a meeting. One evening, they visited us and had a few drinks and dinner. Both couples went to bedroom to relax and started sharing each other's experiences and fantasies. My wife and I were about to go to sleep when the couple started making love. My wife and I watched them. The man asked me to come over and kiss his wife and I could not deny the request. I started kissing her all over. Soon, he left me with his wife and we made erotic and hot sex together. In the mean time, he and my wife started making love and they too ended up having hot sex. When we all finished, he went to sleep in another room leaving the two ladies with me. Being with two hot ladies made me horny and I started making love with my own wife. The other lady woke up because of the noise coming from our love making. She joined us and we ended up with two hours of a wild threesome. We lay beside each other until the morning. It was a hot night. We want to continue this lifestyle forever.

— Forrest, 35

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