My Wife's Sister

I too, have had the opportunity to make love to my sister-in-law Carol at her home some months back. While at homecoming college game, my wife and her older sister Carol, attended the tailgater pre-game, had a few drinks, and watched the game. Afterwards, we all went to Carol's home, where we played cards till late. Carol was wearing a short skirt and kept sitting on her skirt, sneaking to show me a glimpse of her sheer see-through panties. Wow, that made me stand at attention. Later that night, my wife was tired from the evening and passed out in the bed in the guest room. Carol and I continued to talk and listen to music. She put in a CD and began to listen. Carol walked over to lay down on the couch, where she asked me to help her remove her skirt. I did as she asked and she, without hesitation, pulled me to her and asked me perform oral sex. Needless to say, I did so and we proceeded to go to the pool house where she made love to me for an hour, non-stop. We have kept this a secret, but she still emails me erotic pictures of her through the computer. Carol was the dream of my high school days, and she filled a fantasy that night. No doubt.

— Ernest, 36

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