Unexpected Afternoon

I had everything set up for a really good afternoon pleasuring myself. The wife left for work, so I broke out everything I would need. My pants were around my ankles when I realized someone was in the driveway. I quickly zipped and made sure the towel and other things were under the coffee table. I couldn't find the remote. My sister-in-law who had been staying with us after a bad relationship, was home two hours early. She walked and saw the porn on the Television. She asked me if she was interrupting anything. I mumbled something about not finding the remote while she plopped down on the couch. She then smiled as she spotted the towel. She reached down and said, "Maybe the remote is under here!" I was busted of course; the remote was right there. I played it off as best as I could, but then I just blurted out, "Look, it's my house and I planned on having some time to pleasure myself." She then stretched out on the couch and said, "Well, don't let me interrupt, just don't get anything on me." She smiled and turned her head facing away from me. I was stunned and more excited than ever, darn it all. "So what if she is here?" I thought to myself. Twenty minutes later, I was feeling more relaxed. So, while keeping an eye on her, I slowly began again. It was pretty exciting. It looked like she was asleep, but she could have rolled over and caught me going to town. At this point, the action on the screen was getting pretty hard and heavy, so I wasn't watching her anymore. I was just really getting into the zone. I got ready to finish. I looked over to see she had turned toward me and was working out her own issues. Our eyes locked for a second. We never mentioned it, but she did get more affectionate for the next year until she found a new guy.

— Josh, 39

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