Porch Play

Lori and I had been dating for about two months when we went with my brother and his wife to a theme park. Lori and I had done some old fashioned making out, but had not yet had sex. It was a hot summer day and Lori was wearing only a matching set of shorts and top. About half way through the day, all of us were hot and sweaty and decided to grab a place on the porch of a building to watch the parade. We were the first ones on the porch and, as it filled up, found ourselves with our backs against the wall. My brother and his wife squeezed out to the side of the porch, but we stayed where we were with Lori in front of me. After watching a few minutes of the parade, I started to massage her shoulders. Then I felt her start rubbing her nice body up and down against me. I slid my hands down her side and started massaging her. The next thing I knew, my zipper was down. Luckily, the parade music was very loud so no one noticed us both moaning slightly. We were both so excited, we didn't last long. We waited until the parade was over and moved to the nearby bathrooms for cleanup. For the rest of the day, we couldn't believe we didn't get caught! When I took her home that night, we continued where we left off and made her bed a really happy place!

— Ryan, 25

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