Erotic Anniversary

I am forty-three and straight. My wife is thirty-seven. She has admitted to, in times of passion, wanting to experience a better endowed man. Preferably much better. She is five foot one, plain featured, about a hundred and sixty-five pounds, with long brown hair. She is bright, pleasant, shy, inexperienced; a good southern girl. She gets very excited when we talk about her being seduced by a cute, tall, short haired guy in decent shape. She would love to be flirted with and charmed into bed. When she is not horny; she is reserved, conservative, and proper. I am now seeking to find the closest, best looking, well endowed guy I can and let him feel how great my wife feels. I want to watch as she is caressed, kissed, explored, and impassioned. If she chooses to see him after that and even wants to see him alone, that's up to her. I just want this to be the best experience she can possibly have. Our tenth anniversary is in a few months. That could become a very erotic anniversary.

— Dale, 43

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