High School Memories

I was looking through some boxes in my garage and found my old high school year books. I graduated in 1960, a long time ago. Some of the pictures brought back a lot of good memories. There was one girl in my homeroom who could light up the room with her smile. We sat next to each other and that was the best fifteen minutes of the day. We had a lot of Asian girls at that school. Maybe that's why I love Asian women to this day. Their long black hair, dark eyes, and exotic looks just turn me on. Another girl in the pictures was someone I didn't really know in high school, but got to know in junior college. We started dating and it was great. She was Mexican with long black hair, dark eyes, etc. We could French kiss for hours. I could undo her bra with two fingers. She must have enjoyed it because she never stopped me. That could be why I love the female breast to this day. I joined the military and have never been able to go to any reunions, if there were any. I married an Asian and we had fifteen good years of marriage and sex. She gave me great oral and I loved to touch her beautiful body. I miss that now. Wish I could enjoy those years all over again!

— Allen, 66

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