Wife's Sister

My wife is seventeen years older than me. When we were twenty and thirty-five and just married, it was great; now that she's fifty, she barely ever wants sex and isn't good. One day, we were staying at her parent's house and I first met her youngest sister, nineteen-year-old Kate. She was wearing a really short miniskirt and I could see her red lace thong. She also had on a see-through shirt, and her breasts were at least C cups! We flirted a lot when my wife wasn't around, and then I 'accidentally' walked in on her in the shower. She was so sexy! That night she came into my room; I wasn't sleeping with my wife. Kate was drunk and she asked me to service her, which I did. Then, we had sex all night. We meet in secret and have the hottest, best sex whenever we can!

— Nathan, 35

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