My wife Gail and I have a wonderful marriage and an even better sex life. A number of years ago, we had same-room sex with a couple we had been friends with many years, Dan and Jenny. It led to sharing each others' wives. Both couples really enjoyed this relationship and all the fun sex that went with it. Recently, we were all together in our master bedroom and having sex with our own wives, as well as sharing partners. Gail and Jenny are very adventuresome and will try just about anything, but what occurred during this session surprised both Dan and I. After pleasing Jenny, I was relaxing on one side of Gail. Jenny was lying beside her on the other side while Dan gave her oral. I was getting myself slowly excited again by looking at Gail. I started gently touching her, which she thoroughly enjoys. She began to moan softly in response. Jenny moved over and gently kissed her. Gail responded by kissing her back. This caught both Dan and I by surprise, neither wife had ever talked about wanting to be with another woman. Jenny continued to caress and fondle Gail, and I could tell by her response that she was really turned on by this. Gail opened her mouth and thrust her tongue into Jenny's mouth and they began slow, deep tongue-kissing. I was so turned on watching this I instantly became excited again. Dan even stopped his oral pleasuring to watch. Both Dan and I were so turned on by this; we were pleasuring ourselves while our wives enjoyed each other. After they were done, Gail smiled at us and said, "That was fun! Let's do this more often." Evidently, she was still excited, as she began to give Dan oral. Jenny started doing the same for me, and I almost instantly finished. We were all pretty much spent by this time, but we all agreed that we wanted to do this again! (And again!)

— Paul, 43

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