Perks Of The Job

My wife works for a small manufacturing company and often has to travel to their plants. She tours each plant, and then has to interview people who work there. Since the plants can be dusty and dirty, she doesn't wear normal office clothes; she packs jeans or khaki pants and wears casual shirts, too. The pants she wears are always tight and show off her sexy, tight athletic body. She always tells me when she comes home about the men who check her out and make comments to her. She just smiles at them or winks, and then goes about her business. After hearing about these trips a few times, I asked her if anybody had actually put their hands on her, and she told me about one time that the plant manager had put his hands on her ass. They were on one of the plant tours they give her when she arrives. They were on a narrow catwalk and stopped to review some new piece of machinery. As they stood there, she felt somebody feeling her butt. There were a few guys behind her, so she didn't know who it was. Later, they were on an elevator, and all crowded into take it in one trip. Again, somebody was feeling her fine little butt, and this time she backed into him a bit. With this indication that she was enjoying it, he put both his hands on her and squeezed a bit. The elevator reached their floor, and everybody dispersed. Later, she had a meeting with him alone in his office. She was pretty sure he was the one who had been turning her on and when she got into his office, she got her proof. He closed the blinds on his window to the hall, and as he walked back to his desk, took the opportunity to walk behind her and reach around, putting his hands on her breasts and pulling her into him. She leaned back against him and felt his excitement as his hands caressed her. He held her tightly as one hand moved lower and he played with her. After that, he was so turned on that something had to happen. She refused to do anything with him other than watch, so he stood in front of her and revealed himself to her. I was incredibly turned on as she told me this story. I asked her to go back to that plant sometime, and this time to give him oral, and then to report back to me every detail. I can't wait!

— Aaron, 32

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