Releasing Her Sexual Side

My wife Stephanie is a very hot looking woman with a perfect butt and legs, and really big breasts. She looks like a porn star, but is very conservative sexually due to her strict religious upbringing. She gets hit on all the time by men, but where some women might be flattered, she is always offended. I have never been able to get her to experiment sexually at all. She is very religious and goes to church regularly. I never go. One Sunday, she called to ask if it was okay for her to bring home her minister for Sunday dinner. I said sure and strangely, I really liked the guy. Rick was close to fifty, (older than my wife and I) tall and in pretty good shape. He started to come over and hang out a lot and sometimes he and I would even drink wine. I think he felt comfortable around me because he did not have to play minister all the time. The man was married, but tragically his wife had Multiple Sclerosis and was in a nursing home. He would visit her faithfully and once in a while, try to transport her to his church for services. One night, we got to talking about sex and I told him I don't know how he could function without regular sex. He told me it was very difficult and he sometimes worried he would do something stupid that would hurt his reputation and the church. This conversation got my mind turning and that night I told Stephanie about it. She was very concerned and said she would pray for him. I told her, "If you really cared about him and your church, you would do more than pray." "What do you mean?" she said. "I mean that that poor man needs some caring woman to take care of his sexual needs since his invalid wife cannot. He is a time bomb and when he goes off there will be a big scandal at the church that will hurt him and everyone." "And, you think I ought to take care of his needs?" she said in shock. "Hell yes, I do." To make a long story short, I slowly convinced her that it would be a charity for her to service this man. I used the story of Esther to convince her. When I talked to Rick about my idea, he was surprised but very, very agreeable. He thanked me repeatedly and kept asking whether Stephanie had really agreed. I assured him that she would take care of his needs and that we both would be completely confidential. We agreed that Stephanie would come to see him the next night. Stephanie was very nervous, almost shaking the next evening. I was afraid she would back out. But, somewhere along the way, her curiosity had become aroused and she was committed to trying it. I sent her out the door in a sexy dress at about 7:00 and it was midnight before she came back. She was reluctant to tell me the details, but finally spilled the whole thing. Apparently, Rick the minister was very well endowed and had tremendous staying power. Stephanie, who is a small girl, was a little sore and was I think very embarrassed and ashamed of the fact that Rick had satisfied her several times. I reassured her that there was nothing wrong with her taking some enjoyment from her charitable acts. In addition, it slowly came out that Rick had wanted her to give him oral sex but she had refused because she thought it was sinful. I admonished her for this and told her in no uncertain terms that her job was to fulfill every sexual desire that this man had so that he never felt the need to seek satisfaction from some other unreliable person. I told her that she was never to refuse Rick anything. She agreed and said, "By the way, he wants me back tomorrow night." Since that night, Stephanie's conservative sexuality has gone out the window. Who would have thought that good ole Rick would turn out to be such an amazing and prolific pervert? He has introduced Stephanie to many different kinds of sex. He has taken her to strip clubs so she could dance in the amateur contests. She has had threesomes with him and a male friend of his on several occasions. She often spends the night with him and comes home very sore. He has taken her to an adults only swinger Caribbean club where she had multiple partners. The cool part is that our sex life has exploded too. Rick has released Stephanie's inner slut. She is now game for anything. Rick and I are still friends and we exchange notes on Stephanie, what she likes and what she'll do. We once had a bet on who could do her the most times in one week (I won, but I had more access). Rick still preaches and Stephanie is always in the front row.

— Gabe, 38

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