Sexy Biceps

My wife and I are religious exercisers. We lift weights three times a week, and bike or run the other days. She is very fit and trim with the sexy lean muscles of an athlete. One day, we were at a surprise birthday party for a friend of ours. He has always said very complimentary things to my wife about how good-looking she is, how fit she is, how lucky I am, etc. There were many guests there, including their family from out of town. Since we are their closest friends, we stayed after all the other guests had gone. His wife had just left to take her family to the airport, and the three of us, quite drunk, collapsed onto chairs in their living room. My wife clasped her hands behind her head as she sat back and rested. Well, our friend got a look at my wife's firm biceps and said to her, "Wow, look at those guns. Donna, remind me never to mess with you." My wife just smiled back at him, then got a look on her face and clenched her teeth as she began popping her biceps for him. "You like that, Steve?" He stared at her arms as she flexed her tight little muscles for him, and finally said, "Yeah. I guess I like that." Donna looked at me, and then back at him when she told him, "Then come over here and feel how hard my arms are." Steve looked at me, and I said, "Go for it, buddy." He walked over and squeezed my wife's biceps as she flexed for him over and over. "Which one is harder, Steve?" she asked him. His response was, "I think I'm the hardest right now, Donna." Then she picked up her shirt and put his hands on her breasts, and then down to her little six-pack abs. She stared at me as our friend groped her body, finally saying, "Okay, that's enough for you, Steve." He walked back to his chair and I sat next to her, making out. She said to our friend, "Want to watch another little show?" Even before he nodded, she was unzipping my shorts to start having oral sex with me. As Steve came over and ran his hands all over her sexy lean body, she and I had sex. She flexed for him and enjoyed the feel of his hands on her as she and I were together. After I finished, we cleaned up and all sat back down in the living room to wait for his wife to come back. She had no idea what had happened, and the three of us kept that secret from her. We slept at their house that night, and I took my sexy wife a couple more times. All four of us are still great friends, but have never done anything like that again.

— Tony, 41

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