Where The Fantasy Starts

My marriage has always lacked passion. Over the years I've come to fantasize about other men taking my wife and doing her. She is forty-eight with a very good body and a nice face to look at. She can dress sexy without even knowing it, sometimes showing cleavage that drives me nuts. If only I could have a good sex life with my own wife! But, that is where the fantasy starts. I have come to realize that she will never enjoy sex with me. In fact, I don't think she enjoys sex at all, but what if someone else could arouse her passion? I've often thought about watching one or two men taking my wife, with her giving pleasure to one while the other one has sex with her. Then the other would take her also. I had a vasectomy years ago, so she is not on the pill for any reason. The thought that she could actually get pregnant by another man makes it even more exciting.

— Drew, 51

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