Gambling Debt

My fiancé and I went to a Las Vegas style gambling party on a Friday night. It was in a warehouse that had been decorated in grand style inside. My fiancé is twenty-four, very good looking, was a college cheerleader, with long light brown hair and has worked as a model for local TV and print ads. She was dressed very hot in a real short black dress that was very low cut in front and back. The guy who hosted the party and his posse of guys became very infatuated with her and she seemed way too enamored with their attention. They were all black and the host owns a strip joint and some other bars. He and his guys came on to her a bunch of times that evening. Later, they talked me into a poker game. At first, I was winning. Then, everything went bad and I had lost more money than I could pay. The host told me that I could bet my fiancé. If I won, I'd even win back some money; if I lost, they got my fiancé until the next evening. I wasn't going to do that, but she eagerly talked me into it. I lost the hand. He told me that they'd call and let me know where to pick her up the next day. The host and the guys took her by the hand and she actually was giddy with excitement as they led her off toward the back and disappeared. One of the guys called me on Saturday from her cell phone and told me where to come and pick her up at the host's house. When I picked her up, her hair was a mess and she reeked with the smell of sex and sweat. We didn't talk about it, but I found myself strangely turned on by the entire episode. A few days later, she got a tattoo of seven small stars just over her privates, just where they'd barely peek out of the top of her bikini in front. I finally got her to tell me about the star tattoos and she said that's how many guys she was with during that episode.

— Tyler, 27

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