It Was Hot!

Years ago, I saw my wife getting hot over my friend. He would kiss her and dance tight to her when they did not know I was around. It had me hot, but it was making me mad also. I told her what I saw and told her if she wanted him, to do it when I was there or tell me about it. He had to stay over at our home one night and she asked if she could try him. So he came to bed with us and really made love to her as I watched. She was great and he did things to her like I never dream of doing. She completed more times that night than she did with me in ten years. After that, we would get together every few years when he came home. I would watch or listen, and it would be great. There were times when they would have sex most of the night, take a break, and then go right back to it. That went on for about six hot, sexy years. He died and we were lost for a while, but she thinks maybe someday she will try it again. Not sure why I loved to watch and listen, but it was hot!

— Rick, 55

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