In The Spirit Of Service

My wife and I have been very happy in our marriage for the past thirty-five years. I have never cheated on her, and she says the same. Several months ago, that all changed. Her only sister has been divorced for many years and is fighting cancer. She and my wife were talking one day and it came up that she has also not had sex for many years. She wanted to have sex again before the cancer finished her off, but who would want an overweight fifty-nine year old woman? My wife talked to me about it and we thought it would only be right to help out. After all, there is no longer any chance of becoming parents again. Who would it be hurting? Our kids are all raised, as are hers. We also talked about whether this should this be a one time event or not. Anyway, my wife got back to her sister and we set up an evening for her to come over. After dinner and an evening of talking and playing card games along with some good wine, my wife retired to the boys' old room downstairs. My sister-in-law and I sat on the couch, but worked our way back to the bedroom. For a woman dying with cancer and suffering the effects of all the treatment, she showed a lot of energy under the covers. I can swear to you that when the closeness, kissing, and touching got me aroused, her almost bald head meant nothing. We had an enjoyable evening together. It wasn't with the endurance and passion I had twenty-five or thirty years ago, but still good for this old man. The next morning, my wife wanted to know all about it. As my sister-in-law and I told my wife about our evening, I could see my wife becoming turned on. Anyway, my wife and I went to the bedroom while my sister-in-law sat and watched TV. Later, the three of us decided we would keep this up as long as her health permitted the activity. I think it has brought my wife and I closer together because it is all out in the open, freely talked about, and is being done in the spirit of service, not lust and cheating.

— Walter, 60

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