He Watches My Wife

I started taking pictures of my wife about two years ago. She takes really hot pictures, so I decided to show them to a friend. He liked them tremendously, so I showed him a few videos of her pleasuring herself. He instantly got excited. I then took it even further and told him her messenger screen name so that he could catch her one day in a chat room and see what she is up to when I am at work. He tells me all the details of how dirty she gets. He watches her pleasure herself on a daily basis now and has almost all the pictures on his hard drive because she sends them to him. She knows him really well, but has no idea that it is my friend that she is getting off for on the webcam. I went over there one day on a lunch break and saw it for myself. Wow, amazing the behavior when she is all alone and the kid is in school! She does stuff I have never gotten her to try. She is a very quiet and shy person that never swears or anything, but when on that webcam, she turns into a grade A slut. I thought it was a turn on at first, but am feeling guilty from time to time. Like I said, she has known him for years and if it ever got out that that was him watching her, she would kill us both. But damn, is she sexy.

— Ross, 36

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