More Than Housework

My wife cleans people's houses in an affluent neighborhood and she had just got a new client. The lady of the house was very friendly and had asked my wife if she would consider being her personal maid three days a week. She said she would make it worthwhile for her. My wife is in very good shape and the new client was also. After a couple of weeks, my wife told me the woman had asked her to wash her back as she was taking a tub bath and she did so. On Friday, my wife called and said the woman asked if she could stay over to help get ready for a party. On Saturday, when my wife got home, she pulled out two hundred dollar bills and told me that she and the woman had oral sex and that her husband had joined in. The money was her tip. My wife asked if I minded that it happened and I said we could use the money. My wife then asked if I would go with her and have sex with both the husband and the woman as foursome. My wife knew I was bisexual when we married but had not done anything for years. The thought of having sex with another man again is appealing, but I'm thinking I might not be able to perform in a group. My wife said the husband took medication and performed three times on Friday night, and again with her Saturday morning. I guess I'll give it a try tonight. My wife can give up her other clients and we can both work on the weekends (maybe).

— Thomas, 50

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