My Confessions

The following is a list of my confessions: I wear panties 24/7 and when I'm not wearing panties, I am totally naked. I am totally naked whenever I am at home. When company comes to visit, they can either join me, stay, or leave. Most join me or stay clothed. I enjoy driving totally naked with no clothing in the car at all. I have gone as far as 300 miles totally naked and even stopped for gas at a self-serve station in town. I love to have oral sex with both men and women. I would love to have a threesome. I am becoming interested in other female clothing. I have a wife who is very supportive of my panty wearing and other activities. I would love to have anal sex one time just to see what it feels like. Phew, I feel better now that all of this is off my shoulders.

— Shane, 59

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