She's All Slut

I guess it's not easy to say how shocked I was to see my own daughter-in-law on center stage at a topless club one evening. My son is overseas and I have been watching over her to make sure she has money and is never too alone. He is twenty-four and she is barely twenty-two. Now, I understand why she never really needed any money! But, I have to say, I let the little head talk me in to doing something I shouldn't have. This club has private showing rooms and I paid to have her in a private showing. It was dark except for one small spotlight aimed at her, so she really couldn't see me at first. She asked if I knew the rules and I said no, which was a lie. She said, "Ten dollars gets a dance and twenty dollars gets a lap dance. More money gets you extra." I tossed a hundred dollar bill at her feet. She laughed and said, "You want it all, don't you?" Well, needless to say, I got a lap dance and she performed oral on me. It was about this time she realized who I was. There she was, almost done doing me and my hands on her fully. When she finished with me, she left the room. I got fixed up and went to her place and waited. She got there a short time later, crying. I took her inside and she begged me not to tell my son. Well, being a good dad and now a lusting father-in-law, I took her straight to her bed. I get her almost on-demand now and my son is not due back for a while. Let me say she's really sweet, but all slut when in bed.

— Ben, 42

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