Ditch The Gut And Man-Boobs!

Lisa is a woman on my beach volleyball team, and she's smoking hot. At thirty-five, she's six years older than I am, but she could easily pass for twenty-five. She's got a tight body that looks unbelievable in a bikini, and it's not uncommon for me or other guys to have to try and hide our excitement under our shorts when we're playing with her. Lisa and I started flirting from the time we met. On several occasions, we have caught ourselves checking each other out. Because the two of us are the best players on our team, we grew closer. What I haven't mentioned is that she happens to be married with a kid, but I quickly realized that wasn't going to be a problem. A couple of times we played, her husband was there, and I couldn't believe my eyes. It never ceases to amaze me how many hot girls seem to be with dumpy-looking losers. Lisa's husband was another example. Seeing him sitting there with his fat gut and man-boobs convinced me that Lisa was looking for a real man. Sometimes we'd flirt right under his nose, and I knew from the vibe she was giving me that she wanted me. We had been text-messaging game times and other volleyball related stuff to each other for a while. So, one day I just added something else. "What r u wearing?" I texted. Her reply a few minutes later was "Nothing". Just a few hours later, I was chilling at my place when she appeared at my door. Needless to say, we went at it right away, peeling each others' clothes off. We proceeded to have mind-blowing sex on the floor. Lisa told me she hadn't had an orgasm in more than a year. I changed that in a hurry, and she screamed my name as I pleasured her. Afterwards, we just collapsed on the carpet, almost feeling a little awkward. Her skin was a bright pink from her thunderous orgasm, which I know my neighbors must have heard. After making out for a few minutes, we went at it again, and then again later in the shower. We're still having sex every chance we get, and her husband knows nothing. At least she's got a real man satisfying her now.

— Ethan, 29

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