Giving My Wife To A Friend

We had often fantasized about Marco and from working with him, I knew how well endowed he was. I had introduced the subject of Marco into our love-making and found it intensified Aimee's orgasms. Over months of verbal pressure, she started to call Marco's name out when she orgasmed, which was a turn on to us both. Some months later, she finally confessed that she would like to sleep with Marco and so the plan to approach Marco was hatched. He gave me a lift to work on a fairly regular basis and I started to tell him certain things about Aimee. I finally showed him some photos and he commented how lucky I was. I asked him if he would he like to share some of my luck. He was very up for the idea of sleeping with her. One night, we arranged for a meeting with Marco. I went for a drink, while Aimee had a long bath and a relaxing drink to calm her nerves. She was nervous of many things including not pleasing him or being able to take his large package. When Marco and I came back, Aimee looked beautiful in all black sexy underwear, I kissed her, and left them to their own devices and the noise was absolutely beautiful.

— Fredric, 54

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