Working Up To Sex

I have been married for the last four years and have been attracted to my mother-in-law for the last three of those. She is twenty-five years older than me; but is very sexy, good looking, and has nice big breasts. I love my wife very much, but I can't stop thinking about having sex with my mom-in-law. In the last four months, whenever we meet and even while nobody is watching us, I keep staring at her breasts. She is quite aware of it, and she loves it! This has been happening almost every week, whenever we meet. After that, I feel so excited, but I am always afraid to ask her about sex. Last week, I made a few gestures to her while she was speaking to me and I was staring at her breasts continuously. I constantly licked my lips invitingly and opened my mouth quite a few times, and she did not mind it. In the last few days, I have been talking to her and I told her that I loved seeing and watching her. She still she likes talking to me. Today, I called her up with some minor reason and told her point blank that I wanted to go further with her, with her permission. I said I wanted her to meet me for an hour all alone. She called me at home at one o'clock and said she was alone. I went there and, upon seeing her, I took her into my arms and sex with her for an hour. She loved it so much that she has promised that she will meet me again next week.

— Will, 35

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