Peeking At Student Nurses

When I was young, we did not have the internet or sexy movies. There were some porn movies, but they were not that available. So, I was very curious. We moved to a home that had a vacant lot across the street, and then a two story building that backed up to the lot. Student nurses were living upstairs in the building. I could see women moving, so I went on our roof and watched with a telescope. I think the first time I saw anything was a Sunday night, around 10PM, as the girls returned from weekend visits home. Several rooms lit up at once. I looked at two beautiful girls, who walked in and started undressing without closing the blinds at all. As they got to their underwear, I admired the privates of one girl who had on sheer panties. Then they both removed their bras and panties, and put on pajamas. After that night, I eventually saw all the girls that lived in those rooms. One girl would close the blinds just as she was about to remove her dress. She had a plant on the window sill though, so the blinds were still up about ten inches. I had a perfect view of her removing her panties. What a great show! Another night, they had a dance and all of them came home about the same time, talking and excited about their evening. One lived in a room across the hall and I had not seen her. She came in wearing a strapless gown, unzipped it, and dropped it to her waist, right as I watched her. She had beautiful breasts. She had not worn a bra, and certainly did not need one. I am sure some girls realized they were being watched, and wanted to be seen. It was very sexy.

— Martin, 71

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