Was It Really Dancing?

When I was thirty-two, a co-worker and I went on a sales trip to a distant city. In the evening, we left our motel and went to a nearby hotel for dinner. After dinner, in the lobby we heard music, noise and laughter from a ballroom. We were curious, so we looked in. There were about fifty women and only five men. We entered, sat at a table, and watched the women having fun. Some of them were dancing together. The one that I thought was the sexiest looked to be about thirty years old. I guess she saw that I was staring at her because she came over and asked me to dance. She didn't have shoes on, and her stockings were torn at the feet. I asked what happened to her stockings. She laughed and said that they got screwed! We tried dancing for a while, but as it got later and as we had more to drink, we were so hot that we just kept grinding together. I was wearing thin pants, and she wore a thin dress. She would moan and breathe hard, so I knew she was getting hot. I was so hot that I had to push away several times. I learned that the event was a party for the employees of a telephone company. As the party came to an end, I asked her to come to my motel room. She pushed me away and said, "I told you that I was married, and I do not cheat!" I was absolutely stunned! I was never so sure of getting laid before in my life. I have often thought of what went wrong. Maybe if I had asked her earlier she would have gone for a short time. Maybe her husband was expecting her at a certain time. Or, it could have been that she used me to satisfy herself and didn't need any more.

— Joseph, 34

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