My wife, friend, and I went to the beach a couple weeks ago. We weren't dressed for swimming, but my wife had on these amazing white shorts that revealed everything. I thought it was so hot when she got in the water and you could see right through her shorts to her thong. My wife has always been shy and reserved, but she has been showing off around him. However, that's not all. When we went to wash off in the shower that is outside, she stuck her butt out and pulled her pants far enough to where you could see her thong and the water going right between her crack. She then bent over and her huge breasts came rolling out of her shirt as her pants slid halfway down her butt. She pretended not to notice. Ever since then, my friend and I have been planning on getting her drunk one night and seeing how far she will go. I showed him some nude pictures of her and he wants her pretty bad. She is usually very reserved, but when she drinks, she gets really wild. I am sure we can do something. She is going to get it like she deserves, and we are going to bring out the slut in her.

— Nick, 26

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