Rewards Of Cheating

For many years, I have encouraged my wife to have affairs. A woman is physically capable of having sex multiple times; I believe that is a natural thing that is only stopped by society's rules. We have talked about it often and one night while at a barbeque, she was quite drunk and went skinny dipping. She hadn't noticed me sitting in the shadows when she let a young guy penetrate her in the pool. He told his friends and some them came outside and saw her swimming naked. She left the pool naked and quite drunk. Once one had her, she let them all, still not realizing I was watching. It was one of sexiest things I have ever seen. I reassured her the next day that what she had done was ok and I didn't mind her enjoying herself again. She has had numerous affairs since then and our sex life is great as she is always randy. So guys, encourage your wives to sleep around! The rewards for you are worth it as you will find your wife will be constantly randy.

— Alec, 56

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