Better To Have A Sexy Wife

I love thinking about my sexy wife and her older boss. My wife is in her forties and a little unsure that she is still desirable to men. She has always been respectful to men in positions of authority and will rarely condemn her female friends if they are cheating with the boss; she just says something along the lines of, "It's just natural." Turned on by this, I suggested to her that she start to wear low cut tops, short miniskirts, black tights, high heels, and my favorite fetish, a long, tarty black PVC Mac to work. I was surprised at how willing she was to do this, and I now get frequent phone calls saying that she is "working late." Upon her return, she confesses to me that the boss is ordering her into his office for sex and having her on his desk, in his car, and in the stock cupboard. I feel jealous, but she says it is my fault because I asked her to dress sexily and the boss has the right to play with her anytime he wants. She can't and won't say no. Needless to say, I feel a mixture of humiliation and excitement. Our sex life is now wonderful. Although I feel a bit insecure at times, I always think it is better to have a sexy wife men want than a plain wife who nobody fancies.

— Ian, 45

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