I Messed Up

I know this forum is for other things, but I had no place to talk about this and it is bugging me to say the least. My son is in the military and away. I've been trying to keep an eye on my daughter-in-law to make sure she is okay. I asked her to dinner, never thinking of ever doing wrong by her. I took her to a little club for some music and a couple of drinks. Now, I am forty-seven and divorced, she is twenty-four. On the way home, she was a bit tipsy and a little loose with her body. I got her home and helped her in, and then it hit me take her to bed. Well, the sex was wild and great. The next day was hell, though. She wouldn't talk to me and I'm not sure if she will tell my son. But, it has to be killing her not to talk with me. This is killing me as well because I messed up a great little daughter-in-law.

— Clark, 47

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