Doing The Ex

After my divorce, I had been single for a while. I was then introduced to this smoking hot redhead. We seemed to hit it off from the start. The sex with her was incredible. To say she was a willing participant is an understatement. She would do me as hard as I could do her and she would get loud as she reached completion. One night, we were talking about experiences and she made the statement she that she didn't like receiving oral sex. I told her she hadn't been done properly and should let me show her how it was done. She finally agreed and relaxed enough to truly enjoy the pleasure. After several years and some personal issues, we parted ways. We still live in the same area, but until recently hadn't talked. One day, she called me as she needed some help moving. I jokingly told her that I would help, but I wanted to be paid with sex. Surprisingly she agreed. I helped her move and she offered to take me to dinner. We went out and had a good time catching up. After a couple of drinks, she admitted that she hadn't found a guy that could do her like I did. I suggested that we go back to her place and I remind her how good it can be. We went to her house and she took a quick shower. She came out wearing a set of thong panties and a shirt that I just loved seeing her in. We jumped into bed and began to play with each other. She quickly took off her clothes, grabbed me by my hair, and begged me for oral sex. I complied and then we had full sex. She screamed in excitement and nearly passed out when I was finished. I did her three more times over a couple of weeks. She always started by wanting oral sex. I haven't seen her for a while and maybe I was used to get her moved, but I am sure she will want something done again and I will make her pay for it in the same way.

— Craig, 44

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