Sexy Mom

When my son was younger, I used to pick him up from a daycare near our house. Every now and then, I would notice a mom who was quite hot. We would exchange in pleasantries and chat about our children but nothing more. We exchanged email addresses, and I put her name in the computer. One night while cruising the internet, I noticed that she was online. We chatted for a while, and she asked if I would like to come over to her house for a while to chat some more. When I got there, she poured some wine and we sat on the couch talking about many things. I guess the wine started taking effect because pretty soon we were kissing like a couple of kids. Before long, we were both naked as could be on the floor enjoying the best oral sex ever. It wasn't long before we adjourned to her bedroom where, for the next three hours, we had the best sex that I had had in years. We didn't use anything and had a pretty good scare when her period was late, but everything worked out in the end. We never did it again, but we remain good friends. She got married to a guy she met. Sometimes when we bump into each other we remind one another of our wild night.

— Anthony, 43

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