Amazing Night

My wife's Christmas party was at a cool Hollywood hotspot and since I used to work at her company, I decided to go and see some old friends. My wife and I have been married for going on fourteen years. We have had our highs and our lows. She had an affair with very good friend of mine a few years ago and while we worked it out, I don't believe we will ever be the same. The trust factor on her part is non-existent since she is afraid that I will find a way to get back at her. Well, about six months before the Christmas party, I was visiting a client of mine and he had hired a new purchaser for the material he was buying from me. While I didn't find her incredibly attractive at first, her cheery attitude and flirtiness on email and the phone grew on me. We talked daily for business and we lunched several times. Her emails got more and more flirty until one day at lunch she said we should get a room instead of eating food. On a dare, I took her to a local motel and she willingly went and rented a room for the day. We went in and started making out and next thing I knew she was totally naked. She started to give me oral and to satisfy herself at the same time. This was incredibly erotic and damn, she was good at it. We moved onto the bed to finish the job and man, did we ever. That was something I had never done before and we kept meeting once or twice a week in seedy motels near the office for six months. It was just sex at first, but I could tell she was starting to get emotionally attached, so I decided to cool it as it was going to get out of hand real quick. When we were getting close to the Christmas party, a friend of mine who was also going had told me there was a girl he wanted to bring as his date. He said that she was cool and we would like her and get along well with her. I got us a room at a swanky hotel near the party spot and when my buddy showed up with his date, I was shocked to see she was the same girl I had been seeing in shady motel rooms all over town! The night was awkward and stressful, but lots of booze and friends quickly made that disappear. We were all pretty drunk after the party, so we barhopped on Sunset for a while. The whole time, my buddy's date was trying to seduce my wife! At first, I didn't think my wife would ever do that, but we went back to our room about three in the morning and my buddy immediately passed out. My wife and his date changed into their nightgowns and I went to the bathroom. When I came out, my wife and this girl were kissing. They saw me and told me to come and sit and watch for a while. I couldn't handle the watching part; I had to get into it. I slowly made my way between them. My wife and I had sex, and then she said she wanted to see me have sex with the other girl. I, of course, obliged my commanding wife and I went on to have the greatest single night of my life, all the while hearing my buddy snoring on the floor by the bed next to us. My wife has never spoken about that night and I don't ask her about it. I have talked to that other girl a handful of times and we reminisce about it, but we have never seen each other since. It was truly amazing and I have the pictures to prove it!

— Brad, 34

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