Switching Roles

I get really turned on wearing my wife's things. It started with her panties, which she knew about. When she wasn't home, I would raid her lingerie drawer and dress up in bras, panties, and pantyhose. One time when she was gone for the weekend, I shaved my body completely, painted my toenails, and then dressed in a sexy bra and thong set of hers, along with some sheer black pantyhose. I fell asleep on the sofa and when I woke up; my wife was there, having come home early. I thought she would be mad, but instead had a devilish grin. We went upstairs to the bedroom and she dressed in some of my clothes, and then proceeded to put makeup on me and squirt me with perfume. We then went to the bed and my wife seduced me, as we completely switched roles. I didn't know that she had recently purchased a strap on, but she used it expertly on me that night. We still have normal sex most of the time, but every once in awhile when my wife wants to be the "man of the house", she dresses me up and gives it to me from behind. She even bought me a wig recently to complete the look.

— Donald, 47

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