You Only Live Once

I was married for many years and was always faithful to my spouse. My marriage ended several years ago. Now, I am fifty-one and am balancing two women. One is my girlfriend. She is a beautiful and single mom. She is as sexy as can be and wonderful. When we are together, we always make love at least twice. Sometimes, we do it as many as five times. Recently, I have begun a relationship with a much younger unmarried woman. She is tall and classically beautiful like a supermodel. I guess she is a "mistress". We meet in the afternoons or mornings when our schedules permit. She is very passionate. Yesterday morning, I went over to my girlfriend's house and she tore my clothes off right after I walked in. We made love and laid in each other's arms. In the afternoon, I met my mistress. She took me to the bedroom, pulled my pants down to my ankles, removed her jeans, and climbed on top of me. We went after it with great passion until she had to leave to attend her college class. Both women say they are in love with me. They are always after me to satisfy them. I was never a cheater before and am not entirely comfortable with it now. But you only live once, and it is nice to be wanted.

— Charles, 51

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