Watching My Wife Get Her Massage

My wife has been seeing the same male massage therapist for years. It started when I gave her a gift certificate for her birthday. At first she would go alone. She was always properly draped and it was completely professional. I was always turned on when she would tell me how he would slide his hands under the towel to massage her bare butt. After a while, she would let me come and watch, and we would both enjoy flirting with her. I would threaten to pull of the towel and she would playfully protest. One time, I accidentally bumped the towel exposing her bare butt. She really seemed to enjoy the show as did both the massage therapist and I. But everything remained draped and professional. Then about a year or so ago, that all changed. One day, I was watching my wife get her massage and I signaled the therapist to move the towel off her butt. To my pleasure, he did. My wife was laying there pretty much naked for both of us. Then, when she rolled over, she actually remained topless with just a little blue towel covering her private parts. The next time, the towel came completely off when she laid on her stomach. This time, the massage therapist did a little more sensual massage by running his fingers down her butt a little more gently and sensually. When she rolled over topless, he gently and sensuously massaged her breasts while I watched. I was immediately excited, and we went home to some of the best sex we have ever had. I can't wait for my wife's next massage. I think it could be the best one of all.

— Matthew, 39

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