Exceeding My Fantasies

In high school, I had a teacher/coach who basically took me in for two years. My parents worked odd hours and were very paranoid. They did not like the idea of me staying home, so I practically lived at his house. My teacher had a wife, Laurie, who was also a teacher; and two kids who were around my age, as well as one in college. Now, Laurie was a very beautiful woman; she was thirty-nine years old, but stayed fit and was very energetic. My teacher also coached football, so she would be at a lot of our practices, weight lifting sessions, and so forth. Being so attractive, the guys would always talk about how, if given the chance, they would have sex with her. They said that and a lot of other things that go on in a locker room. In the spring and summer, I would always stay after school and help her in the classroom, organizing lesson plans and doing her small favors like getting coffee, just to get on her good side and be around her. I was still living at her house and she would always treat me with special attention since I was still a guest. I thoroughly enjoyed her doing me little favors, like my laundry and helping on homework. My absolute favorite part was the fact that she didn't like working out at a gym because it made her uncomfortable, so I worked out with her in their basement gym. Now, I wouldn't really work out with her, but more just watched her, helped her stretch, and motivated her during the workout. This turned me on because she always worked out in tight spandex and a sports bra, so it was always a good time. The family would always go to church early in the morning, so one day I got up early, went into the master bedroom, and took a pair of her panties and masturbated. It soon became a habit. I would keep a pair with my own clothes, but one day when she was doing laundry, I saw her face when she saw I had her panties with my clothes. To my surprise, she blushed and smiled to herself, and didn't say anything. In fact, she put my laundry on my bed with the panties on top of everything. Now, my coach also ran soccer and two of his kids played in it, so it was just her and me in the house. After dinner, she was washing the dishes in a pair of tight white pants and a sweater that showed off her breasts. I couldn't help myself; I put my hands around her waist and rubbed against her, just feeling her all over. I felt her tense, then loosen up, and she let out a moan. She knelt down and undid my pants, but I completed as soon as her hands touched me. She told me not to worry and cleaned me up, then proceeded to give me oral sex no younger woman could copy. She took me to the bedroom and proceeded to satisfy me in ways that exceeded my fantasies. These days, I don't live there anymore, but she will come over and take care of my every need. Thank goodness for soccer.

— Andrew, 19

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