Group Sex Estate

My wife and I have a great sex life. We fantasize about sex with other women and also about group sex. One night while surfing the web, my wife found a party house that catered to group sex. After sending our pictures, we received directions to this great estate in an exclusive part of LA. We arrived around 10:00 PM. After meeting the hosts, we were given a tour. Then they left us as they welcomed other guests. We went outside and had a couple of vodka martinis and went back inside the house. To our surprise, there were at least thirty people in the house! Some of the couples were very hot and sexy, but a lot were average people, nice looking and normal. We were in the living room talking with a younger couple when my wife told me she needed to visit the restroom. When she did not return after ten minutes, I went looking for her. She was standing in a crowded bedroom watching three couples on a huge bed. All were nude and having sex. There were at least five couples watching! I walked behind my wife and she didn't even turn around she was so engrossed with watching the wild seen. Seeing my wife staring, I told her to go for it. Without hesitation, she went and joined them on the bed. For the next two hours, she and I had wild sex with several people. We finally had enough and left the party. By the time we arrived home we were so excited talking about all we did that we had sex on our stairs. Now, my wife wants to search the Internet looking for men that we can have a three-way with. She told me she wants to see me have sex with another man and, to be honest, the idea excites me, too. We still go to the sex house about once every two months or so and never tire of all the new experiences.

— Matthew, 30

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