Working Nude

Last summer, we stopped by my mother-in-law's place for a short visit. She said the back door to her house would not lock properly and asked me to fix it. I said that it was too hot to do any work and that I would come back later. My wife suggested that I should do it now and be nude to stay cool. My mother-in-law said that was okay as long as I stayed in back while I was nude. Several times I had to go up front to ask my mother-in-law for a tool to fix the lock. I stayed nude when I did this. She laughed but did not seem to mind. When I was done, I put away the tools. I then asked my mother-in-law if I needed to get dressed now. She said that now that she had seen me nude, I could stay that way for the rest of the visit. Now, whenever we visit, she always has a project for me and tells me to be nude while I am working. I finally convinced my wife to get nude while we visit as well.

— Gary, 57

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