Kinky and Fifty

My wife and I have very fine sex. We include threesomes and wife swapping. We would always have hot sex talking about having another man in bed with us. She would top out in a big climax. Knowing how turned on she got just turned me on, also. One night, a friend of ours came to visit. He had some rum with him in his car and asked us if it would be okay to bring it into the house. Both of us said yes. While he was getting the rum from his car, my wife asked if he could be the one to fulfill our fantasy of another man going to bed with us to have a threesome. I agreed. As the night went on, the drunker we all got. My wife excused herself to take her shower for the nightly activities. I was so excited when it came time for me to ask him if he would join us. I asked with ease, and he accepted with ease. My wife came out in the living room with her sexiest outfit on. She sat between us and had another drink. Both of us could see her breasts with no trouble. She made it a point to reveal them for the best peak. I was to get my shower and then to bed. While I was showering, my wife came in and said that she had a surprise for me when I came out. I couldn't wait. When I got out and went to the living broom, they were not there. I heard a man moaning pretty loudly and I also heard a very loud sucking noise. I went to the bedroom and there they were in a '69' position. I sat and watched until it was my turn. That was five years ago, and we still have threesomes whenever we can.

— Sean, 51

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