Pitching More Than Just A Tent

My wife and I are in our mid-forties. Two summers ago, I took her camping for our first camping experience. We got lost on the way and then were struggling to figure out how to set up our borrowed tent before an impending rainstorm. A guy about half our age saw us struggling and offered to help us put our tent up. We got our gear inside and tent up, but not in time to prevent us being soaked. I had him come in as the rain was heavy. I gave him an extra pair of shorts and a tee-shirt to change out of his wet clothes. My wife and I got into dry clothes as well. He turned his head to give her privacy, which we joked about. We ate some food we had packed and sipped a few beers as it rained. He made us laugh, and we chatted as we lay on foam mats as the rain continued. It was growing dark, and I dozed off. I woke up about an hour later and sensed a slight bumping movement. I was sleeping on my side, my wife spooned to me, her belly to my back. I repositioned to my other side, now facing her, and put my arm around her. I felt not her but the bare skin of his lower back. It was then that I realized he was making love to her. Perhaps it was the effects of too much beer, but I felt not angry but very aroused! He had frozen still, but I gave his buttocks a few quick pushes to indicate not to stop. At the same time, I softly told my wife I that I loved her and she was so hot! She moaned out loud, knowing I was okay with it, and he resumed. When they were finished, I took over and made love to her like a madman as well. I fell asleep and woke up to realize they were making love again. In the morning, we cooked breakfast. Then he thanked us and went back to his tent.

— Cary, 45

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