Wearing Nail Polish

To start off, I am a bisexual guy with a girlfriend. I love her very much and may even be falling in love with her. But at the same time, I love guys and everything that comes with them. Just recently, my girlfriend brought up the idea of me talking to a mutual friend because he was having doubts about his sexual orientation and was curious. I asked who this friend was that she was talking about. I found out that it was this very hot boy I had wanted to have sex with forever. So, I said, "Sure, I will talk to him and answer any of his questions." I asked her if she wanted me to do everything possible to help him through this difficult time, and she said yes. So, I am going to just do that. I will talk to him and answer his questions. And if he is curious and wants to get with a guy, I will gladly be that guy, just for the opportunity to get in his pants.

— Mel, 30

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