A few years ago, I spent New Year's Day in a hotel with my fiancé who is now my husband. We had enjoyed a few Bloody Mary's with our brunch and started some under-the-table play. I suggested that we go to our suite and take care of our urges. As soon as we got on the elevator, I pushed him against the back wall, dropped to my knees, and started to give him my best effort. The elevator door opened, and a man holding a huge suitcase stepped on. I screamed and ran, leaving my extended lover staring this stunned visitor in the eyes. Due to his situation, he could not place himself back into his jeans immediately. He started pushing buttons to get off of the elevator while the other guy fought for the right thing to say. Finally, my guy said, "Believe me, I'm just as uncomfortable as you are!" My fiancé said that he could hear me laughing through the mezzanine as the door opened. It's amazing how one acts in a situation like that. It has been a great story to tell over the past few years. It's only one of our many public displays of affection. Ever since then, I become very aroused at the thought of almost getting caught.

— Melissa, 31

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