Radio Nights

I work the evening drive, seven to midnight, at a local FM radio station. Rachel was a board operator at the AM station right across the hall. Generally, we were the only two people in the building during the evening. She was young, hot and just out of a relationship with the DJ I took over for when he was fired. Over a period of four weeks, we would engage in light flirting. One night, she was wearing this sexy sundress, and I told her how hot she was. She said thanks and asked me to rub her shoulders. So, I started there, and she asked me to wait. She than reached around and unzipped her dress and let it fall around her waist. She wasn't wearing a bra! I than cupped her breasts in my hand and gently played with them. During all this, my song ran out and I had to run out and start up a new one. When I turned back around, there she was in the doorway completely nude. We had sex in between songs and carried on like this for a few months until I got a job in another town and had to leave. The best time was when she would give me head while I was on the air talking. Talk about difficult to concentrate!

— Craig, 39

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