Packing It In For Her

I've known my best friend, Virginia, since the fifth grade. We'd do everything together like take trips, go camping, etc. There never was anything sexual, although there was always this sexual tension between us. So, one night when we were at a club in another country, we both got a little drunk. We went back to our hotel room. We got a few more drinks in us, and then we started to mess around a bit. This was something we'd never done. One thing led to the next, and we ended up on the floor. Speaking for myself, it was the absolute best sex I'd ever had in my life! Sad part was that the next day, she just smiled, admitted it was great, and said we could never do that again in fear of losing our friendship. I tell you, sometimes it sucks to be in a friendship so close that you're afraid to mess it up.

— Ken, 24

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