From Husband To Slave

I dated my ex fiancée, off and on, for about four years. We shared everything together, and we were planning on getting married. She was the love of my life, or so I thought. We ended up being forced into a long-distance relationship so I could finish schooling, and so she could help her parents for monitory reasons. We had a strong relationship, but in long-distance, even the strongest relationships fail. She began to distance herself from me and eventually broke off the relationship (via e-mail, no less!). I was devastated. Never had I wanted to spend the rest of my life with someone. Not too long after the break-up, I graduated. I invited her to my graduation party. I had hoped to reconcile, even though she had quite exquisitely pushed me out of her life completely. She never showed, and she never called. She came into town a few days later to pick up the remaining things she had left at my place. When she came by, she had gotten a boob job and lost weight. She was wearing a very skimpy outfit that showed off her new "assets". At that time, totally crushed, I told her that I needed her out of my life for good in order to grow. I felt that maybe one day, after my pain had subsided, I could trust her again and maybe we could be friends. She did not like the idea that I would not beg for her back. She ended up sleeping with the guy who was supposedly my best friend of ten years. They both lied about it, and she made sure it got back to me. I had already been devastated before. At this point I became a shell. I could not eat, could not sleep, and was a wreck. The woman I had loved so dearly had broken my heart, destroyed my closest friendship, and my family absolutely hated her. I did not know what to do. She had a drop-dead gorgeous friend whom she had also casually forced out of her life. While everything had been going on, this girl and I became very close. In fact, we became best friends. Shortly thereafter, we started dating. We took everything slowly so not to rush anything and hurt the friendship. Things came so easily between us that everything felt right. After courting discreetly for a few months, we decided to make things official. Months later, we are now in love and as happy as can be. From time to time, my ex-best friend and ex fiancée pop into my head, but mainly because of the huge betrayal they both pulled on me. The kicker to this story is that my ex is a massage therapist and was supposed to be going to another state to train with a national league football team. She lied to me and told me that she was there. I came to find out that the truth of the matter is that she never left town, is barely making ends meet, and her mother has to help her pay her phone bills. She will not be working with any football team any time soon. I love karma!

— Elijah, 23

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