Close To A Threesome

One night my wife, one of my buddies, and I got drunk and decided to play cards. The only cards I could find were strip poker ones. So, after a few more drinks, my wife said she would play to lose clothing. My buddy and I said okay. At first, she was only going to lose her shirt and her cami. That was it. After a while, my buddy and I talked her into playing lower. A little bit later, she was in her bra and jeans only. My buddy and I were down to boxers. Then, she went down to her bra and panties, but she wanted a silk robe, which we said was okay. We moved into the bedroom where she lost the robe and her bra. The cards we played with had clothing that the winning hand told the other player to take off. After a while, my wife started to win, and we were out of clothing to take off. She kissed us full-tongue kisses and then took her panties off. She kissed us more, and we played with her privates. But, that's as far as it went. It was a let down, but worth it. I still dream of it lasting to a full-blown threesome. She later told me a little longer and I would have had my wish.

— Tito, 22

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