Four Girls And A Car

I went to a Halloween party and coming home, I got a lift with four stunning girls. I sat in the middle of the back of the car and three of the girls were very drunk. The fourth one was driving. By the time we got out of the car park, one of them was giving me oral and another was kissing me. I then shagged one of them in the back of the car before she got dropped home. I also had great sex with the other girl in the back of the car before we dropped her off. The only other drunk girl in the car was in the front, but didn't like me much. However, within seconds she was in the back with me having great sex. Soon, she too had to go. So, it was just me and the driver left and although she wasn't as nice as the rest, I liked her and we were talking. She then pulled into a layby and told me shed like to have sex with me. I said yes and we had great sex in the car. We got to the layby at about 3am, but didn't leave until about 5am as we were having such a great time.

— Ian, 19

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