Just Him

When my wife and I were in high school, she asked me about the sizes of other guys that I had seen in the gym showers. She specifically wanted to know about Ken. I told her the details about how large he was and that excited her. The next weekend she told me she had dreamed about Ken, kissing him and him forcing her to give him oral. That excited me. One night I told Ken about this and he told me how big he was erect. I told my girlfriend this as we were making out in the car. She moaned, "Mmm, I want him so bad! I'll just give him oral, not go all the way," as she kissed me. At this point, I was obsessed with her being with Ken. As our fantasy continued, we talked about it a lot and she would describe her dreams to me about being with him. One weekend, we were shopping for a sexy nightgown as my parents were on vacation and we were planning on some fun. We heard Ken's voice say, "I think that one would look fantastic on you." We turned around and there he was. My girlfriend was all smiles and said, "Well, that's the one we'll get then." They began talking, ignoring me, until he had to leave. Later that night at my home, she said, "Call him, I want him," which I did. I explained that we were alone and that she wanted to model the nighty for him. He arrived at the front door and I told him she was upstairs in my bedroom waiting for us. As we got to my room, his face it up as he saw her sexy body through the thin material. She took his hand and pulled him into my bedroom. She stopped me saying, "Just him," and shut the door. They spent nearly two hours alone, and then he left quickly without saying a word to me. She said he was a fantastic lover.

— Mark, 48

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